What is CDPAP?

In CDPAP program, the person with the disability is referred to as a Consumer rather than a “client” or a “patient”. A Personal Assistant does not “take care of” a Consumer; rather assists the Consumer to live independently.

CDPAP allows Consumers to recruit, hire, train, supervise and terminate the caregivers of their choice. Consumers take an active, responsible role in planning their needs – they decide WHEN, HOW, and by WHOM the care will be provided.

Who is eligible to participate in CDPAP?

To be eligible for CDPAP, an individual must:

  • Disease management
  • Medication management, teaching and administration
  • Illness assessment and instruction
  • Post-surgical management
  • Bathing and personal care assistance
  • Assessments at each visit on your condition and risk for going to the hospital
  • Measure blood pressure, pulse, respirations, lung sounds, blood glucose or pulse oximetry, as ordered by your doctor


  • Our mission is to provide the patients with service which is compassionate. We offer quality care that embraces dedication and professionalism of the highest standard.
  • We pledge to honour all patient’s rights and work closely with their families to achieve the patient’s maximum functional independence in their home setting.
  • Our expert and compassionate staff delivers the coordinated planned care between you, the caregiver and the physician to reduce re-hospitalizations.
  • Yorkers the ability to care for their loved ones by themselves and getting paid by Axzons.

Our Vision and Values Set us apart

Axzons Homecare is committed to providing high-quality home health care services and CDPAP services to individual clients and their families, as well as to other healthcare organizations in need of supplemental staffing (such as certified home health and hospice agencies, health plans, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities)

our caregiver

Our Caregivers

Your loved ones will be placed under the care and supervision of nurses who are not only qualified but also compassionate, dependable and trustworthy. In addition, our carers have been trained to respect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

We handle any issues that may arise such as illness, scheduling difficulties, shift cancellations, arranging for substitute workers and providing continuous supervision. We regularly follow up with our clients to assess the effectiveness of our service and to revise the current service given to reflect changing needs and wishes.

Enjoy Our Rates!

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Axzons Home Care is the best Leading CDPAP Agency in Valley Stream Ny and a Licensed Home Care Agency. Axzons has been selected as the Lead CDPAP Agency Queens under the NY State’s new mandate to consolidate the CDPAP Agencies starting in 2022. Axzons staff is dedicated to caring for homecare population in a safe, convenient, and professional way in the local communit ies across New York. We are excited to offer personalized care for every patient delivered by a highly qualified nursing staff and monitored by board certified physicians who oversee the care quality and patient satisfaction. From 2022 the CDPAP population is guided by NY State to only be registered with the Lead CDPAP agencies nyc only as the rest are slated to be closed in an organized way. Axzons is well positioned across the New York state to accept the CDPAP patients and providing easiest transition from other agencies and overall best in county compensation and benefits from the best in breed companies. Axzons staff ’s caring approach makes transferring or registering a new patient a breeze.

Conveniently located in major counties across New York and Online, Axzons helpful staff is only a phone call away. We are excited to offer patients a stress-free CDPAP or home care experience.

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