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Axzons is a lead CDPAP Agency of New York,a Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) that allows families to hire and manage their own caregivers.

We Provide

Home Care Services

Axzons expert homecare services are evidenced based and under the care of Physicians and Nurses so rest assured you are cared for in an educated environment.

We Provide

Live-in Care

Axzons Homecare offers highly trained, professional Caregivers to assist your loved one around the clock. 

We Provide

Cardiological Care

At Axzons we customize our care based upon your medical requirements. Your treatment is designed to allow you to recover holistically.

We Provide

Respite Care

Axzons Customized care for the caregivers to rejuvenate.

We Provide

Companion Care

Axzons offers a depandable companion for your loved ones in need.

We Provide

Specialized Care

Axzons has trained caregivers for clients with conditions including Parkinson’s, Down’s Syndrome, COPD, and heart disease.

We Provide

Nutritional Counselling

Our nutritional counsillors can help in managing diets to counteract ill effects of debilitating diseases.


We Provide

Nursing Service

Axzons well rounded nursing staff is well equipped to create a customized care plan based upon medical and social needs of your loved ones.

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Relax with Axzons Homecare. We are here to take care of your loved ones.