Speech Therapy

Axzons Speech/Language Therapy

At Axzons Home Care we treat children and adults who have communication deficits and/or speech and hearing impairments with the following services:

  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Skills Evaluation
  • Communication Options/Alternatives
  • Comprehension Skills Assessment
  • Eating & Swallowing Strategies
  • Sensory Skills Assessment
  • Speech Articulation Exercise

help to improve the quality of life for those who experience problems with speaking, understanding or hearing.

Axzons Speech -language therapists along with pathologists treat patients who:

  • Cannot speak or speak clearly
  • Have swallowing difficulties
  • Have trouble reading, writing or completing computations
  • Cannot attend to tasks, concentrate, remember information, problem solve, reason or exercise good judgment
Type of Patients
Aphasia Treatment

If you are a young stroke survivor with good receptive language skills and impaired expressive language skills. struggling with word finding.

We have recently implemented the use of text-to-speech technology to augment such patient’s verbalization.  Initial sessions focus on expanding spontaneous 1-2 word utterances by adding articles and prepositions, and repetition of 4-word sentences.

Aphasia Therapy

If you are an older stroke survivor with aphasia having good receptive language skills, and a severe impairment with expressive language. Mostly relying on yes/no questions and facial expressions to communicate.

Axzons Speech Therapist can help you learn some sentence scripts that you can produce independently or with minimal cuing. Initially patients are resistant to using any sort of expressive communication strategies other than oral speech, but our professional therapists work on reading 4-5 word sentences aloud and writing the alphabet.


Please Call Us or Email Us to schedule a complimentary appointment with our experts to get you on path to recovery.

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