Dr. Sandeep Kalra

Dr. Sandeep Kalra has been the CEO of Axzons Homecare since the company was founded. Dr. Kalra is a Physician, an entrepreneur and a technocrat. As the CEO of Axzons Homecare, Dr. Kalra has a passion for quality healthcare and clinical research. Dr. Kalra is involved in various aspects of clinical trials in hematological carcinomas, chronic gastrointestinal, nephrological disorders and dermatological topical products. Dr. Kalra also understands the importance of finding reliable and compassionate home care that matches well with the patient’s unique family dynamics and schedule. His passion for quality home care and expertise in managing and growing companies has been the driving force behind the tremendous growth of Axzons Homecare.

Vidhu Saini

Chief Administrator Officer

Vidhu Saini has many years of experience in the finance and management and has served as the administrator of Axzons Homecare since its inception. She has many years of experience in leadership and management positions. Mrs. Saini believes that hiring experienced, dedicated and professional personnel are the keys to growing a successful Home Care agency. Under her direction, Axzons Homecare has grown to become one of the leading Licensed Home Care agencies in the New York metropolitan area.

Rosemarie Gurion RN, BSN, MSJ
Director of Patient Services

Rosemarie Gurion RN, BSN, MSJ has been integrally involved in home care for the past 17 years. She has spent many years with  Lenox Hill Hospital, a 652-bed, acute care hospital working as a RN at CCU. Her expertise is not only in the critical clinical settings but also as a strategic business acumen. Ms. Gurion’s background and experience has allowed Axzons Homecare to tackle numerous home care settings to meet the needs of our patients. Ms. Gurion’s professional direction, patient care and supervision have attributed to the excellent reputation the Axzons Homecare has in the health care industry.

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