How to Choose the Right CDPAP Agency in NYC?

How to Choose the Right CDPAP Agency in NYC

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How to Choose the Right CDPAP Agency in NYC?

A: The most important question you need to ask is that Is the agency a lead CDPAP Agency. DOH in New York has authorized 68 Lead CDPAP Agencies to provide CDPAP services. Other agencies will be closed down by DOH as soon as April 2023. 

For guidance on it you can check the DOH page here:

The second question you need to ask is which counties are they authorized in. As many agencies have a certain area they can serve in New York. You want to make sure they have the authority to serve in your area.

You can check the areas and agencies name by going to the link here.:

Q: How to Apply for CDPAP Program?

The simplest way to apply is to give us a call at 1-866-429-9667. Our dedicated staff will walk you through the process. However, to give you a better understanding of the process we have broken down the stages for you here: 

1)     Assessment

2)     Consumer forms

3)     Selection of direct care worker

Let’s take a look at each of these stages in more depth:


During this stage of the CDPAP application process, the patient must undergo a medical examination and assessment performed by a nurse. Some applicants must undergo more than one assessment, depending on the situation. 

This assessment is intended to prove that the patient requires home health care, and it also helps identify the exact areas in which the patient will need help. The assessment will also help the future direct care worker understand the needs of the patient more clearly when the time comes. 

During the assessment(s), the nurse will determine the service quantity, duration, and frequency of the care that will be needed.

The assessment stage of the CDPAP application process may also involve ADL or IADL tests that are intended to help accurately determine the type and quantity of activities of daily living care that is needed. 

Some patients may be asked to undergo these tests while in other cases it may not be necessary for the patient to complete these tests. It depends on the situation.

Consumer Forms

CDPAP applicants must complete a series of forms as a part of the application process. Two of the forms that are required are:

●       DOH Form (Physician’s Order) – This form is provided by and completed in the presence of the patient’s doctor. This form indicates that your doctor authorizes you (the patient) to receive the home care services that will be provided by your direct care worker.

●       PCP Transfer Form – This is not a mandatory form, but it is one that a lot of new CDPAP recipients must fill out. Your doctor will fill out this form on your behalf. The PCP Transfer form permits you to transfer from one health plan to another.

You will also need to provide identifying documents (such as proof of American citizenship) and medical documents (like your Medicaid card). 

Selection of Direct Care Worker

Finally, you will have to go through the necessary steps to choose and officially “hire” your direct care worker. Remember that there are specific rules and regulations regarding who can be a direct care worker on the CDPAP program and who cannot (these rules are discussed later in this guide). 

Also, remember that your chosen direct care worker will need to be able to provide the necessary documentation and information to be eligible to become a CDPAP direct care worker before you will be able to select them.

Q: Does a patient have to be on Medicaid to qualify? 

A: Yes, you must be on Medicaid in order to be a part of the CDPAP program. CDPAP is a government funded program that is available exclusively to Medicaid recipients. 

If you do not have Medicaid and wish to apply, you will need to first apply to Medicaid, and then apply for the CDPAP program.

Q: I don’t have Medicaid but I think I am eligible. How do I obtain Medicaid?

A: Because you need to have Medicaid before you register for the CDPAP program, you might be wondering whether or not you are eligible for Medicaid and how to get Medicaid if you are. Let’s first review some of the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. Individuals in New York State who fulfil the following requirements may be eligible to receive Medicaid:

●   You must be either:

○   An adult with an income not over 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

○   A pregnant woman or a woman with an infant whose income is not over 218% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

●   You must have proof of American citizenship and residency in New York State.

In addition, the following individuals may qualify for Medicaid as MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income category) recipients:

●   Foster children

●   Children under age 19

●   Beneficiaries of the Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP)

●   Relatives of direct care workers or parents

●   Women undergoing fertility treatments

Individuals who are already members of the following programs may qualify for Medicaid as non-MAGI recipients:

●   Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program

●   AIDS Health Insurance Program

●   Social Security Income

●   ADC-related medical needy

●   Medicare Savings Program

If you believe that you might qualify to become a Medicaid recipient, the next step is to gather your documentation and apply to become a part of the program. The New York Medicaid Application can be submitted either online through the eMedNY portal, in person at your local District Service Office, or through mail sent to the District Social Service Office in your area. 

You are also welcome to contact your local service office directly over the phone for additional guidance with the application process. If you visit a District Service Office in person, you may be assisted by a qualified representative who can walk you through the process and the required documentation for the Medicaid application process.

Make sure that you have your documentation prepared and ready to go! You will need the following documents to be able to apply for Medicaid:

●   Proof of American citizenship

●   Proof of New York State residency

●   Completed Medicaid application form

●   Proof of assets and current savings

●   Proof of all sources of income

●   Completed Medicaid supplement form

○   or New York City residents

○   For residents of counties outside of New York City

●   Any other documents that may be requested of you by the local and state government offices during the application process.

Medicaid recipients must renew their membership in the program on an annual basis. You will not be able to apply to become a part of the CDPAP program until after you have completed and successfully received membership as a Medicaid recipient.

Q: CDPAP Pay Rate and Salary

Payment and benefits depend on the patient’s location and insurance plan. Please call Axzons at 1-866-429-9667 to find out the exact pay rate for your area.

Q: Who can provide care under the CDPAP program?

A: There are a designated set of individuals who are eligible to provide care under the CDPAP program. If you are an adult relative or friend of someone who needs home care, it’s likely that you are eligible to provide care as a CDPAP direct care worker, but there are some restrictions and requirements that you need to be aware of before applying as a direct care worker.

Here are the individuals who are able to provide care under the CDPAP program:

●   Children of elderly parents or parents who need home care

●   Siblings of individuals who require home care

●   Friends of individuals who require home care

●   Parents of disabled or needy individuals over the age of 21 (who must have requested that their parents be their primary direct care worker under the CDPAP program)

●   Other adult family members, friends, or associates of a patient

People who cannot provide care services (excluding rare, extenuating circumstances) include:

●   The spouse of the patient who requires home care

●   The parent of the patient under the age of 21 who requires home care OR the parent of a patient over the age of 21 who has not specifically requested that their parent be their direct care worker.

All CDPAP providers must also be American citizens and be able to provide proof of citizenship, or they must have legal immigration status in the United States and be able to show the necessary paperwork (such as a green card or other immigration papers). 

All providers must also be of legal working age and be capable of providing the care services required. Before a person may become an official CDPAP direct care worker, they will be required to undergo some medical testing (such as a TB test) as well as provide adequate documentation so as to prove that they are eligible to be the direct care worker of a patient.