Home Care by health Care Professionals

Axzons Home Care is a budding home care company in New York area. The company serves the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Westchester.

Axzons is different than other home care providers as it’s solely run by healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses so they understand the diseases process and complications various illnesses can bring along first handedly.

Axzons is deploying the proprietary , state of the art software system to manage the process of home care business and it’s intricacies. They are also evaluating the various ways of reducing the cost of home care, reduction of re hospitalizations, streamlining the care process.

Home care is a tricky business as the elderly patients are not only sick but frail and immune compromised, so it’s not about missing a diagnosis but mistakes happen by judgement of unsupervised clients, unsuspecting/ less well trained workers/ non healthcare home care agencies. All of the above can lead to catastrophic events for clients and families. The only way to avoid such events is by automating the process whereby one single entity’s mistake does not lead to catastrophic events as check and balances are put in place based on various issues cross functioning in caring for people at home.

Axzons offers full menu of Home care services from companion care, skilled nursing care to therapies and social workers in the areas of Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Westchester, Brooklyn and Bronx.

For more details on the services please visit Axzonshomecare.com or by calling 347-829-9667, 914-222-3874, 516-777-0612,

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