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At Axzons Homecare we have created a simple and efficient process to customize your Care Plan that fits your unique needs and we call it “Simple Process”.

Our expert staff helps you find the right care solution for your care needs. We go through extensive details and careful analysis to come to an expert decision based on our professional RN, patient, family and physician’s unique needs and recommendation.

Axzons Simple Process

On Your Initial Contact

Upon your initial contact with Axzons you will be assigned an expert executive, who will be you main point of contact throughout the intake process. We will collect some information, and answer any questions you might have. At that point, if your family is ready to take the next step, we can coordinate a free home Assessment. If you aren’t, we will remain to be a resource for additional information you can return to at any time.

Free Assessment By Licensed RN

Upon your agreement an Axzons RN will visit your home or facility to learn as much as possible about the potential patient, home care issues, and the services of a Caregiver you seek. The Assessment includes:

•Medical & Medication Profile
•Personality Profile
•Nutrition Analysis
•Home Safety Inspection

This assessment will help you understand more about your needs and how best we are able to help you. There is no cost for this assessment to you.

Customized Care Plan

After a careful evaluation and discussion with the family and patients’s physician Axzons highly trained RN will create a customized Care Plan to be implemented by the home care team, directly overseen by Care Coordinator. The Care Plan is created in coordination with the potential patients’ and/or families’ recommendations. Axzons will then coordinate with the patients’ physician to sign the Medical Order.

Payment Options

After the Care plan has been finalized, the payment options available for the patient will be discussed in depth with the patient / family. Axzons’s expert will handle all aspects of the Long Term Care insurance, other insurance issues or private pay process. This is a huge help, especially to busy adult children, as well as elderly clients, who otherwise would have to deal with it on their own. Axzons will handle all aspects of documentation submission and payment reimbursement to save you the time and trouble.

Axzons Homecare in coordination with its financial partner is also in a position to offer special financing that might be hard to come by in other places. This itself can be a huge help if the patient or family has to private pay for the entire care.

We accept most forms of credit cards including VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER and even BITCOINS.

Ongoing Care Supervision and Co-ordination

Axzons expert caregiver is overseen by a dedicated Care Coordinator and our team of supervisors. The Care Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day scheduling and care issues, and serves as your dedicated point of contact for any care or account issues.
The Caregiver will also fill out an Activity Sheet each week, and leave it in the home to be signed by either the patient or their Healthcare Proxy. Our Executive collect these Activity Sheets to double check for billable hours, add to the permanent client record for review by the DOH, and for Long Term Care Insurance reimbursement.

Our coordination executive from Axzons Homecare will make regular home visits every few weeks to get a satisfaction survey about the services being provided, pick up Activity Sheets for Long Term Care clients, and make sure the Care Plan is being followed properly.

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Sometimes you know exactly why you need home care. Other times you may only know that something isn’t right—maybe your dad is increasingly forgetful or unsteady,
or your toddler isn’t hitting developmental milestones.

Regardless of your situation, we are here
to provide you with information and help you get started.

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