Managed by a team of Doctors and Nurses, Axzons Homecare has been operating as a Licensed Homecare Agency (LHSCA) and Financial Intermediary (FI) in the state of New York. Over the years the team of Axzons has developed a professional, evidence based care philosophy in our community and enhanced our expertise of working with the elderly, disabled and frail population. Axzons has received recognition of excellence award as one of the most improved providers of homecare across the state of New York with un-matched operational efficiencies, corporate compliance, integrity amongst other things

Dr. Sandeep Kalra


Dr. Sandeep Kalra has been the CEO of Axzons Homecare since the company was founded.

Rosemarie Gurion RN, BSN, MSJ

Director of Patient Services

Rosemarie Gurion RN, BSN, MSJ has been integrally involved.